EPC 2013 Award Winner for ArcGIS Destop Based Application

About Us:

Dig-Smart, LLC has a mission of providing the ultimate one call ticket management software solution for utility operators who support the ArcGIS platform by Esri. Dig-Smart, LLC offers easy to use, off the shelf software that supports all aspects of underground utility locating including: data overlays, field inspections, site meet scheduling, damage reviews, frequency analysis as well as positive response compliance and audit verification.

Dig-Smart Enterprise 6.1:

Dig-Smart Enterprise v6.1 is now available and fully compatible with the latest ArcGIS 10.3 release. Dig-Smart, LLC continues to support the previous ArcGIS versions: 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2. Newly mandated call center positive response for South Carolina fully supported in version 6x.

Dig-Smart Fusion:

Dig-Smartís newest product, a web based ticket management system driven by ArcGIS Server has been fully redesigned. Dig-Smart Fusion uses ArcGIS Server to provide a web experience for users looking to move ticket management completely to the internet. Authored in HTML5 and relying on WiFi and cell connections, users have the opportunity to perform ticket analysis anywhere they go with a web browser.

Dig-Smart Locator:

Dig-Smart Locator is a mobile app designed to work with tablets in a connected or disconnected environment. Using an Esri SDK, Dig-Smart has developed an easy-to-use method for capturing data in the field, regardless of experience using GIS. The user friendly environment allows field locators to finger swipe for: navigation, scrolling, map panning and data entry. The Locator app fully supports gesturing and camera activation.


ImageDig-Smart Analyzer

Dig-Smart Analyzer is the main component of the Enterprise environment. Its ease of use and ArcMap toolbar provide ticket analyzers with a dependable and user-friendly environment for performing and conducting ticket analysis and data overlays.

ImageDig-Smart Field

Working with Dig-Smart Enterprise, Dig-Smart Field gives organizations the power to take electronic, mapped tickets directly into the field, insert notes and comments, attach field photos, capture positive response and post all content back to the corporate database.

ImageDig-Smart Fusion

Dig-Smart Fusion is designed to provide ticket management features through the use of a web browser. Working in conjunction with ArcGIS Server and authored in HTML5, users can access tickets anywhere with an internet connection and a browser.

Image Any Ticket, Any Format, Any Call Center